iFleet Wi-Fi Onboard

A built-in Wi-Fi device that turns your vehicle, such as a coach, into a hotspot that supports up to 55 devices - even on the move.

iFleet Wi-Fi Onboard Malaysia

Stable and fast connectivity on your commercial vehicles

With iFleet's Onboard Wi-Fi, you'll be able to implement stable and fast connectivity on all of your commercial vehicles. Whether you've got a van, coach or simply a car, Wi-Fi connectivity will be a constant for your passengers and your drivers. Simply speaking, your vehicle will have a router installed, which will allow you to have your very own mobile Wi-Fi hotspot for devices like smartphones and laptops.

Features & Benefits

Unlimited data for drivers & passengers

In this digital age, internet connectivity has become a modern necessity, not a luxury. iFleet provides Onboard Wi-Fi connectivity with an unlimited data plan for vehicles like vans and coaches, should you want to offer this commodity to your drivers and passengers. This means that, no matter where your vehicles are, they are providing an invaluable service to your customers, on the go. And they'll remember you for it.

iFleet Wi-Fi Onboard Malaysia
iFleet Wi-Fi Onboard Malaysia

Wi-Fi available for up to 55 users at a time

Providing a good bus Wi-Fi service when you've got a lot of passengers can be hard, so if you're looking to connect a ton of devices at once to a router, then we're here to help. iFleet's Onboard Wi-Fi allows up to 55 devices to connect simultaneously without a problem. That's 55 people you've just made happy by giving them the freedom to surf the net with your vehicle Wi-Fi.

Customize brand message on your Wi-Fi page

So you want to take your brand to the next level. With iFleet's Onboard Wi-Fi service, you'll be able to customise your brand message somewhere that guarantees your passengers will see it - your vehicle’s Wi-Fi landing page. Our tip? Say something that resonates with your passengers. We believe communication is key.

iFleet Wi-Fi Onboard Malaysia
iFleet Wi-Fi Onboard Malaysia

Give internet access to your passengers at no cost

When travelling, people often struggle with connectivity. A trustworthy Wi-Fi hotspot or data connection can be hard to find, expensive, or just plain frustrating. By giving your passengers and their mobile devices internet access for free, you'll be one step ahead of your competitors. Plus, your passengers will appreciate it more than you know. Remember, you'll never get a second chance to make a first impression, so make yours count.

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