iFleet GPS Tracker

A fleet vehicle tracking device that allows you to track its movements, determine its location, and observe your operator's driving behaviour.

Track It All

iFleet's GPS Tracker is an intelligent fleet tracking system. It allows you to stay on top of every single detail regarding your fleet. Always at the ready, your fleet management system operates from the palm of your hand. An easy-to-use app keeps you updated on things like your vehicle's movements to its real-time position. All you need is your data-enabled smartphone.

Features & Benefits

An Intelligent System

The Intelligent Telematics System enables and empowers you with GPS tracking. With this, you’ll be able to reduce your costs, improve your efficiency and optimise your fleet’s productivity. iFleet helps you stay on top of vehicle locations, fuel management and vehicle maintenance to ensure smooth fleet operations. It offers real-time tracking with an easy-to-use fleet management software so you can observe and analyse driver behavior.

Tough As Nails Hardware

Robust and weather resistant, iFleet's ISO Certified Ruggedised Hardware employs a Dual Accelerometer and G-Sensor setup. Its integrated software is easily adaptable to multiple devices, for ease of access. And just for your peace of mind, the entire system is covered by a Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty.

Always-On Connectivity

Stay connected with unlimited coverage, nationwide. iFleet’s GPS Tracker Malaysia is powered by Digi’s widest data network, which provides best in its class connectivity, as well as low-cost data roaming options. A reliable 24/7 Vehicle Recovery Service is always available in the event that your vehicle is stolen. In such cases, iFleet will partner up with MERS 999 (Malaysia Emergency Response Services 999) to recover your stolen vehicle.

Dedicated Support

iFleet's Dedicated Support is designed to put your business first. Our team of experts will provide worry-free onsite installation and nationwide on-ground technical support. Onboarding training programs and a comprehensive user guide are readily available for your employees. As an iFleet subscriber, you are our priority.

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Low Cash Outlay

Start tracking with an affordable monthly fee and no other hidden costs. iFleet is inclusive of support and maintenance to give you peace of mind.

Warranty and Support

iFleet warranty covers all damages and provides a one-to-one replacement nationwide, throughout the subscription period, at no cost.

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Accident Reconstruction Report

iFleet geo-mapping uses up to 19 satellites to reconstruct accidents accurately. The system provides you a full accident reconstruction report after the impact.

Best in Class Connectivity

Your subscription comes with reliable data connectivity. Your fleet can also roam worry-free in Singapore, Brunei, Thailand & Indonesia with a small fee.

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