The Company: Logistics Worldwide Express (M)

Logistics services are the unsung hero of the current e-commerce boom. As millions of precious parcels and posts reach their happy receivers every day, transportation and delivery companies are hard at work to ensure the safe and smooth journey of these packages.

One of these companies is LWE, a logistics business providing end-to-end, cross border e-commerce supply chain management services to brand owners and global online marketplaces. Established in 2010, LWE operates across Asia Pacific and is rapidly expanding in Malaysia.

With a large fleet of delivery vehicles zipping around the country, the courier service company grappled with problems that most delivery companies can relate to.

How iFleet helped a logistics company to raise productivity and be a better boss

Pain Points

LWE encountered several roadblocks in running its logistics and supply chain management services:

1.Limited data
To ensure a seamless operation flow, LWE needed real-time information about the route patterns, location and delivery speed of its courier fleet. However, the logistics SME was reluctant to adopt any invasive surveillance systems on drivers that may end up hurting morale and disrupt their productivity.

2.Costly expenses
Courier margins are thin. With its large fleet, fuel and vehicle maintenance were major drain on LWE’s finances. Slashing transportation costs while maintaining service quality is a tough balancing act, and even tougher still when the company lacked real-time visibility on fleet operations and patterns.

3.Clunky data-tracking processes
LWE relied on the traditional method of using Excel sheets to calculate and keep track of vehicle data, but it is time-consuming and unwieldy. It also opened room for human errors, which can lead to costly down time in the delivery process.

The Solution

Understanding that the future of logistics is in acute data analytics. LWE began researching for the most robust vehicle tracking and fleet management software in Malaysia. iFleet fit the bill exactly. Since signing up for an iFleet plan, LWE has enjoyed:

Transparent fleet operations
iFleet’s advanced GPS tracking services allow better visibility on delivery drivers’ performance in a non-invasive manner. This helps LWE to plan its routes for maximum efficiency and raise customer satisfaction.

Productive dialogue with drivers
iFleet’s analytics provide a good base for LWE to engage drivers with understanding and empathy, as well as swiftly address any issues they face at work. As a result, employees began showing high motivation to work hard and smart.

Cost reductions
Good data leads to good practices. Deliveries were better mapped out with iFleet, and shorter delivery time means more fuel saved. Drivers behave better on the road as they know they are being observed. Their conscientious driving lessens the wear and tear of vehicles, thus keeping the vehicle maintenance cost low.

Straightforward information
Goodbye to the clunky columns in Excel sheets! iFleet’s easy-to-digest data and analytics improved LWE’s agility in managing costs and tweaking business strategies.

A data-centric location tracking and fleet management system goes a long way to bolster the business of a courier service connecting the whole Asia Pacific. As LWE focuses on delivering the packages to their rightful receivers, it is assured that iFleet has its back all the way.

After installing iFleet

Shorter delivery times

Improved work morale and performance

Fewer drivers working overtime

Reduced fuel and vehicle maintenance costs

Enhanced visibility of delivery operations and drivers’ behaviour

What our customer says

iFleet is easy to install, which meant that our delivery vehicles could be fitted without any hassle. Using iFleet is the first step to minimise business errors as much as possible. With iFleet, savings are made, you get to understand your employees better and we can do so much more.

- Ng Shern Yau, Chief Operating Officer of Logistics Worldwide Express Bhd.