Energy Development

Today, iFleet powers an energy development company with revenue of over RM5 billion and serves more than half a million customers., The company has been innovating and modernising various aspects of their business including embracing SAP solutions in response to 4IR. With fleet management being one of their key focus areas, iFleet has been helping the company meet 90% service line installation within their target time and avoid delays by improving their overall fleet efficiency.

After installing iFleet GPS Tracker in close to a thousand vehicles, the energy development company saw better visibility in tracking all vehicle location and movements at their fields, real-time. The company uses iFleet GPS Tracker as “another set of eyes” to help increase awareness and alertness.

To-date, the company has seen significant improvements in driving behaviours as driver’s behaviour scores are monitored and tabulated through iFleet, giving insights to managers to take action on good and poor driving behaviours. With this, they have gradually reduced unsafe driving habits such as speeding, cornering and harsh braking, resulting in an 80% reduction in speed violations in the last 4 years.

Energy Development Company Sees 80% Reduction of Speeding Fines with iFleet GPS Tracker

Pain Points

With close to a thousand vehicles in their fleet, the electric utility company encountered several pain points. From monitoring their fleet manually based on their days of use to keeping operational costs low while upholding high customer satisfaction levels.

  1. Poor Driver Behavior
    Poor and reckless driver behaviors can cost businesses thousands of Ringgit. From  reducing  fuel efficiency and causing unnecessary wear and tear to vehicles to potentially increased cost due to fines from excessive speeding and traffic violations. For cases that are more serious, this can lead to increased accident rates and even mortality.
  2. Managing geographically-dispersed assets
    With a fleet size of over 500 vehicles spread out over 100,000km2 in land size, the company’s fleet managers found difficulties in monitoring, locating, and communicating with their drivers efficiently. It was also challenging to optimise both operational and cost-efficiency.
  3. Data Overload
    The amount of data generated from a fleet of hundreds can be overwhelming for fleet managers to process, review, and act upon. Being given a large volume and variety of data poses a different challenge to the fleet managers  especially when trying to make sense of the data to understand or solve specific problems in relation to their fleet.

The Solution

Understanding the need to improve visibility and driver behaviour, the electric utility company decides to engage iFleet to better address their concerns and overcome logistical difficulties in managing their fleet.

Improve Overall Driver Behavior

Through iFleet, the company can now understand their driver behaviour better and encourage them to be more proactive in complying to safety guidelines. The company saw close to 30% improvement in their driver behaviour scores after 12 months which led to savings of tens of thousands worth in traffic summons. On top of that, the company also saw an 80% decrease in accidents in 3 months.

Improve Fleet Visibility

The company gained real time visibility of the location and status (ignition on/off) of every vehicle all on a single screen - the iFleet dashboard. With this, they can accurately track and manage all vehicles nationwide. This allows them to address issues real-time and make timely responses in any situation.

Smarter Insights Through Better Reporting

Good data leads to good practices. Deliveries were better mapped out with iFleet, and shorter delivery time means more fuel saved. Drivers behave better on the road as they know they are being observed. Their conscientious driving lessens the wear and tear of vehicles, thus keeping the vehicle maintenance cost low.

With iFleet GPS Tracker, the energy development company has been able to overcome unique challenges, helping them run their business more efficiently and keep them laser-focused in managing their fleet operations productively while keeping costs low.