Flooring Supplier

The Company: Floor Culture

For many home fixture businesses, the delivery and installation phase can be the weakest link. It is often affected by unforeseen conditions, such as traffic congestion and drivers’ attitudes.

To overcome these unpredictable hiccups, a seamless fleet management system is crucial. However, this requires real-time information of the delivery fleet. Many small-medium enterprises (SME) lack the capabilities to access such data.

Floor Culture, an expert in interior flooring solutions in Malaysia, was one such SME.

How One Company Saved Its Reputation, Money and The Environment with iFleet

Pain Points

Customers were happy with Floor Culture’s high quality interior flooring solutions, which includes wooden flooring planks, vinyl flooring tiles and other floor tiles. But they were less pleased with the company’s delivery and installation service:

1.Work delays
The interior flooring supplier noticed that its drivers were arriving late to customers’ homes, which delayed the flooring installation and may even disrupt the house
renovation process. Home owners were understandably dissatisfied. Yet, it was challenging to pinpoint the cause of the delays as the company could not determine
where its fleet of drivers were at any given point in time.

2.Fuel wastage and air pollution
Some drivers left engines running when parked. The idling not only wasted fuel unnecessarily and polluted the air, but also went against Floor Culture’s promise to provide environmentally-friendly products and services. Understandably, the interior flooring SME was eager to rectify this.

3.Damaged products and vehicles
Poor driving behaviour, such as speeding, damages the interior flooring products being transported. Vehicle tires also wear out at a faster rate. This incurred financial losses. It also resulted in material wastage, which was something the eco-conscious interior flooring supplier wanted to avoid.

The Solution

With customer satisfaction at an all-time low, Floor Culture decided to invest in an iFleet plan. Since installing the market’s most robust fleet management system for SME, the interior flooring supplier sees great improvements in multiple areas:

Timely deliveries

iFleet’s GPS tracker helps drivers identify the quickest route and avoid traffic jams. Late arrivals were reduced by as much as 50%, which also means significant uptick in customers’ satisfaction.

Knowledge is power

Real-time vehicle tracking and fleet management capabilities inform Floor Culture about drivers’ GPS locations and reduce down time in delivery schedule.

Improved driver behaviours

The Speed Recording feature in the vehicle tracking system allows Floor Culture to monitor vehicle speeds. Drivers behave better on the road, thus minimising product and vehicle damage. Instead of having to change the vehicle tires every six months, they now last up to two years.

Team spirit

Data transparency positively impacts work culture. The fleet management system provides clear data, which helps define the roles and responsibilities of employees. Issues faced by drivers can also be rectified immediately, thus boosting morale.

Fuel savings

Fuel costs were cut by 20%, thanks to iFleet’s Engine Idling feature that helps prevent drivers from leaving their engine running while the vehicle is parked. Pollution to the environment is reduced, which is in line with Floor Culture’s mission to offer eco-friendly products to consumers.

With the iFleet plan, Floor Culture gained hardware, software and connectivity solutions at one go, bringing immediate benefits to its business. Most importantly, the company now enjoys the peace of mind of knowing that a cutting edge vehicle tracking and fleet management software will take care of its delivery needs, wherever and whenever.