The Company: Ninja Van

Ninja Van is a tech-enabled last-mile logistics provider which has served more than 570 million customers in 6 countries across Southeast Asia. Trusted by more than 30,000 shippers, Ninja Van is the fastest growing last-mile logistics provider and recently raised US$279 million in their latest Series D funding round amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ninja Van has always adopted a data-first approach in monitoring their business operations where decisions are made based on analytics and data. With a 350% growth in fleet size last year, it was no surprise that the company explored iFleet GPS Tracker to gain more control and visibility over their fleet operations. Since then, iFleet has been instrumental in helping them reduce delivery time and improve customer service.

After installing iFleet GPS Tracker in hundreds of delivery trucks and vans, Ninja Van’s fleet managers and dispatchers can now refer to the iFleet dashboard to track the exact location of the parcel when being contacted about late deliveries and track the driver after receiving complaints about damaged goods.

To-date, Ninja Van has seen a 20% reduction in delivery time. With the insights available on the iFleet dashboard, they are able to investigate and solve any logistical issues to continuously improve their customer satisfaction.

How Southeast Asia Leading Last-Mile Logistics Service Provider Sees 20% Reduction in Delivery Time with iFleet GPS Tracker

Pain Points

With significant growth in fleet size and increasing number of parcels delivered each day, the last-mile logistics provider encountered several challenges in ensuring timely deliveries to  customers and speedy fulfilment to meet customer expectations:

1. Late deliveries and non-contactable drivers
Ninja Van received complaints from customers on late deliveries, missing parcels and damaged products. During these incidents, drivers were sloppy in answering calls from fleet managers and dispatchers to track deliveries and to investigate the late deliveries. This negatively impacted customers’ perceptions of their brand and affected customer loyalty as they were not able to receive quick responses.

2.Lack of transparency on fleet operations
With a growing fleet size, Ninja Van’s fleet managers found difficulties in streamlining operations because they could not keep a log of all trips or routes taken by drivers. The manual logs they have were regularly misplaced or lost and also could not be shared easily with other departments. Fleet managers had no visibility of vehicle locations real-time and if drivers took  unscheduled routes or idled during delivery.

The Solution

Understanding the need for effective fleet management to build a base of happy and loyal customers, Ninja Van decided to engage iFleet to better address their concerns and help them effectively respond to customer inquiries and complaints.

Get live updates to predict more accurate delivery times

Through iFleet, Ninja Van can now see each vehicle’s location at any single point in time. The logistics team can predict more accurate delivery times as they get automated alerts when vehicles enter and exit warehouses. Since the drivers are monitored, the company saw 20% improvement in delivery time resulting in reduced customer support issues and higher customer retention.

Make more informed business decisions with improved fleet visibility

Ninja Van’s fleet managers now have a complete log of recorded trips to help troubleshoot issues and identify root causes of late deliveries, missing parcels, or damaged goods. With iFleet’s POI (Point of Interest) alerts, Ninja Van receives real-time updates when drivers arrive at the locations of their highest value enterprise customers. This allows them to address issues immediately and make timely responses in any situation. All the data including vehicles, drivers, trips and locations are stored online on iFleet dashboard and easily accessible regardless of location.

Timely deliveries are no longer a luxury but an expectation. In order to survive in today’s climate where customers are expecting almost instantaneous results, logistics companies must strengthen their last-mile delivery by streamlining their operations to maximise efficiency. With iFleet GPS Tracker, Ninja Van has been able to stay on top of the game in this competitive age of e-commerce and online delivery, driving better customer expectations with fast responses and delivery.