Causeway Link began its services in 2003 with 8 buses and broke a 30-year monopoly on cross-border bus services previously operated only by a Singapore-based company. Since then, Causeway Link has expanded from being a cross-border bus service provider to operating regionally. Through this expansion, Causeway Link now caters to the different towns and cities in various parts of Peninsular Malaysia including Klang, Kuala Lumpur, Batu Pahat, Malacca and Johor Bahru.

Causeway Link is the first bus operator to establish a Control Centre for their centralised ticketing system and monitoring of real-time commuter support. In addition, they introduced their own contactless ticketing system and mobile-based journey planning tool, with the aim of bringing convenience to their regular commuters. Furthermore, their buses are innovatively designed and manufactured by their own technical team to provide the most efficient, safe, reliable, and friendly transport service.

After installing iFleet WiFi in hundreds of Causeway’s buses, bus managers can now refer to the iFleet dashboard to track overall data consumption as well as provide unlimited data roaming to customers.

How The Largest Public Bus Provider in Johor Improved Their Operations with iFleet WiFi

Pain Points

With a fleet size of over 500 buses and serving over 3,000,000 commuters monthly, Causeway encountered several challenges in ensuring that they are able to continuously provide the best customer experience while growing their business: 

1. Lack of convenience logging into their WiFi

The WiFi password on Causeway buses changes every day to ensure better security. However, this created a different challenge as not only did they have to find a way to notify passengers of the changing passwords daily, regular commuters also had to manually enter new passwords every time they were on the bus. They were looking for a solution that could simplify this process. 

2.Unable to provide unlimited data roaming

Causeway serves a large number of passengers on a daily basis. While they are keen to provide unlimited data to all passengers during their journey, they struggled with finding the balance between providing convenience at an affordable cost to their business and ensuring that network connectivity is smooth.

The Solution

Understanding what is needed to improve customer experience, Causeway decided to engage iFleet WiFi to better address their concerns:

Mobile app integration to WiFi service

To increase downloads and improve interaction with Causeway’s mobile app, iFleet offered an integration of our WiFi solution through an API. This step encouraged customers to first download Causeway’s app before being allowed to access the bus’ free WiFi. As a result, Causeway saw an increase in the number of downloads and sign ups of their app. Furthermore, this has allowed them to collect data of passengers using their WiFi too.

Provide unlimited data roaming

Causeway services cross-border journeys between Malaysia and Singapore, as such, passengers may lose network connectivity during their rides. With iFleet, passengers now have access to unlimited data roaming throughout their entire journey, ensuring a smooth and value-added experience.

Have an overview of the data consumption of each bus

Causeway’s bus managers are now able to have an overview of the data consumption of WiFi routers in each bus through iFleet. Besides that, they are also able to know if their WiFi usage is fluctuating for each bus too. These data provide a snapshot of overall data usage patterns of each bus, giving them the ability to evaluate demands of each route that they service. 

In today’s hyperconnected world, passengers expect to have secure, stable connectivity even when on the go. Causeway is on the right track in providing value-added services for passengers via iFleet WiFi, giving them a competitive advantage against their competitors in delivering the best customer experience possible.