Why You Need An APAD-Compliant GPS Tracker for Bus Permit Renewal

September 11, 2020
Kee Yeow

According to the ICOP Safety Guideline for Buses and Industrial Code of Practice by the Land Public Transport Agency on Safety for Bus Operators (ICOP Safety Guideline), bus operators are required to install GPS devices to monitor and record all trip data. It is mandatory to collect information on driving speed, locations and driving behavioral patterns.

This makes it important for bus operators to get a functional, reliable, and SIRIM-approved GPS to record the buses’ location and driving profiles. Whether you need real time data for driver and vehicle management or require the GPS records to comply with APAD’s regulations, iFleet can provide a solution to meet your operational needs which are fully compliant with the relevant guidelines and regulations set by APAD.

Tourists killed and injured in tour bus accident in Kuala Lumpur in 2012. Bernama Photo taken from The Borneo Post

Monitoring Driver Behaviours

The Industrial Code of Practice was first introduced in late 2013 when bus safety became a concern after multiple bus accidents, crashes, and tragedies were reported in 2012. To ensure every journey is safe for both passengers and drivers, bus operators are now required to:

  1. Monitor all their vehicles and take immediate actions when their drivers are found to be driving at risk and or exceeding speed limit;
  1. Check the GPS records;
  1. Take disciplinary or counselling actions on the drivers for all traffic offences violated by the drivers as well as keeping record of such actions; and
  1. Ensure that there is no forgery and manipulation of GPS records.

Via iFleet’s GPS device, bus operators can mitigate travel risk and keep their drivers in check by monitoring the route taken and speed limits of the buses. With the real time data collected, they can download and evaluate the GPS record daily as required by APAD after every trip to monitor driver’s performance. 

With better visibility of the driver behaviours, operators can take any disciplinary action against drivers for any law violation, over-speeding, and reckless driving which would put passengers and other road users at risk.

Documentation of All Trip Data

Under Code 4, operators are expected to document and file the data in an orderly manner for easy reference and review. With overloaded data, it is crucial for the operators to have a reliable device and dashboard to record, transmit, and extract their data.

The data collected by iFleet’s GPS Tracker can be easily accessed by operators on a centralised dashboard, providing you useful insights and overview of the system.

Ready Reports for External Audit and Inspection After Accident

When an accident occurs, operators are required to have all documents ready for inspection and claims report. According to Code 19, operators need to submit documents required for inspection purposes in compliance with APAD’s guidelines after an accident. The reports generated from the GPS tracker are easily available as proof and supporting documents for monetary claims purposes.

Ensure APAD Compliance with iFleet’s GPS Tracker

With iFleet’s GPS tracking system, you can ensure regulatory compliance from the palm of your hand. Its easy-to-use app keeps you updated on your bus movements and enables you to document all your data in an organised and strategic manner so that they are easily available for any safety and compliance purposes.

iFleet provides you and your business a total solution service package which includes a lifetime warranty hardware, subscription, installation, remote & on-site troubleshooting and 24/7 emergency support for ease of mind.