How Real-Time Data Is Transforming Travel Companies

September 11, 2019
Kee Yeow

Technological advancements in this era have revolutionised companies in the travel industry. With the emergence of telematics-based fleet management systems, businesses can efficiently manage their fleet and get insightful data that will assist them in making informed decisions.

In the travel sector particularly, the challenges are abundant. Trip delays and unauthorised usage of vehicles are merely the tip of the iceberg. Here's where telematics can help eliminate these dilemmas. Through telematics data, fleet managers can keep track of their fleet with details such as their live location, drivers' behaviours, as well as route efficiency.

Telematics Data Is Useful In Promoting Good Driver Behaviour

As fleet managers centrally monitor their vehicles, drivers are more likely to drive with better driving habits, follow road safety rules and follow the shortest route to their destination. Fleet managers can act on driver behaviour data such as speeding, harsh acceleration and braking.

The management can also identify underperforming drivers and provide them with relevant assistance in developing better driving skills. This, in turn, helps reinforce habits that can decrease the frequency and severity of accidents and claims.

Telematics Ensure Customer Retention

Drivers ultimately make or break the reputation of a tour company. With the reduction of accidents, tour companies can expect to see a boost in customer confidence in selecting them over other competitors. Therefore, having reliable drivers not only marks the tour company as a safer choice but also generate customer loyalty in the long run.

Telematics Help Improve Productivity

Increased productivity is also apparent with live tracking of tour buses and coaches. With accurate trip details such as traffic updates and the estimated time of arrival (ETA), tour companies are able to better manage customer expectations and reduce the frequency of trip delays. With the support of real-time alerts, tour managers will be aware of arrival timings and thus better manage tour schedules and itineraries.

Telematics Ensure Vehicles Stick To The Plan

Geofencing functionalities allow managers to set boundaries of which vehicles can travel. Essentially, the system alerts the operators in the event where vehicles cross the set boundary. This feature also provides the passengers on board with a sense of safety knowing that constant monitoring is taking place.

Telematics Provide Connectivity For Everyone

Connectivity is now is one of the most important aspects of life as Wi-Fi become a staple. Other than tracking their vehicles with telematics, many tour companies have already adopted iFleet to supply WIFI to its passengers. As we enter into the age of Big Data, many tour companies are also using Wi-Fi login portals as a means of collecting customer data. This kills two birds with one stone!

How You Can Get Started 

Digi's iFleet has proven to be beneficial for SMEs that require the managing of cars, bikes, trucks or vans. Through the recently launched iFleet Transformation Fund, businesses have all the more reason to sign up.

This fund entitles applicants to get up to RM10,000 in total subsidy for the installation of iFleet in their vehicles as well as a subsidy towards the subscription of iFleet services. On top of that, under its Road Safety Programme, iFleet also provides subsidised driver training workshops and incentive rewards programme to encourage safer driving among users.

All in all, with iFleet, companies have a more efficient way to operate their fleet. Data gathered from the application shows it can bring about some serious operations cost-saving measures of up to 30%. Businesses will no longer have to worry about unnecessary fleet expenses from spiralling out of hand.

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