Telematics Is Changing The Game For Flower Delivery

October 11, 2019
Nahulan Sreethararaj

One key element of a florist’s business is the ability to quickly and safely transport delicate flower arrangements to proms, weddings, funerals, and other important events.

It’s crucial for the vehicles to be on time and in tip-top shape. Telematics can not only provide you with peace of mind, but also improved route efficiency and the ability to quickly resolve issues.

Telematics is the science of transportation data and the accompanying systems that use that data to improve efficiency, diagnose problems, and monitor personnel. It can include onboard diagnostics that are helpful in the case of an accident or vehicle trouble.

It can include video feeds that improve communication between drivers and managers, as well as GPS-driven location sharing and geofencing.

With telematics, you get an accurate picture of where your drivers are and how they can improve their efficiency to save time and money.

Let’s look at just a few examples of why your florist business needs telematics:

1. Get smart about routes and drivers’ behaviour

Flowers need to be delivered fresh and on time, and to achieve that, your delivery vehicles need to be in top shape and handled by top drivers. Telematics provides you with the complete picture of route efficiency, arrival times, and driver behaviour through a combination of cabin video feeds, real-time driving data, and location tracking.

Even better, telematics systems can pump these data into systems that can help you calculate optimal routes that get your flowers there the fastest.

2. Track vehicle’s location and frequent delivery areas

With telematics, you might notice that you’re delivering flowers to a lot of areas in a certain neighbourhood or that your drivers frequently take a busy road with lots of potential customers. Use those insights to your advantage in adjusting your marketing strategy.

You also might notice that your drivers are frequently taking routes that are bumpy or winding, which is not ideal for vehicles carrying such delicate cargo. Telematics helps you monitor these situations and can even limit vehicles’ routes through geofencing to ensure that the drivers only take safe routes.

3. Make maintenance and roadside assistance a snap

If a flower delivery vehicle breaks down, there’s no time to waste — you must be able to get the vehicle back on the road immediately, or quickly send another vehicle to pick up the delivery. With telematics, you can get onboard diagnostics as well as automated signals for help.

Similarly, if the vehicle is involved in an accident, telematics systems can get help there more quickly and immediately alert you to the situation.

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