Food Distribution Companies Are Now Digitally Transformed

September 12, 2019
Kee Yeow

There is now a rise in demand for food delivery service in Malaysia.

With this demand comes the need for companies to streamline and optimize the process. It is necessary for the efficient utilization of resources at their disposal.

Telematics is the science of monitoring and tracking vehicles using GPS and other onboard diagnostics. It’s helping change how food delivery companies manage their fleet of vehicles more efficiently through data.

Telematics helps fleets of vehicles operate more efficiently

It allows accurate tracking of each vehicle to keep operations going smoothly. Companies can mitigate risks if there is an interruption to their supply chain via real live tracking from GPS. At the same time, this also helps in minimizing the loss of profit.

Telematics improves user-experience for your clients

As food delivery services strive to improve the experience, waiting time has always been an issue to tackle. Telematics data creates a clear communication channel between a company and drivers. This further streamlines end-to-end communication between provider, drivers and consumers.

This benefits the company in two ways: establishing clear communications with drivers and managing the expectations of consumers.

Telematics help mitigate commercial risks

A major problem in the food delivery supply chain is combating theft during the short delivery cycle. Often, a delivery is incomplete because of an interruption leading to failure.

Geo-fencing notifies management when a vehicle goes out of its supposed course. Further, if integrated with an immobilizer, supervisors can also turn off a vehicle's engine remotely should a theft is suspected.

Furthermore, some companies also implement live video feeds from their vehicles. Footages from within the vehicles complement GPS tracking in combating fraud. Should the worst-case occur, detailed documentation of these incidents could also help in insurance claims.

Telematics Prevents Accidents Before It Happens

With telematics data at the palm of their hands, companies can better track their vehicle history for maintenance. This is crucial as it saves a company a significant amount of money to maintain and repair their vehicles. Maintenance can be scheduled accordingly to avoid breakdowns and accidents.

Transform The Way You Manage Your Fleets With iFleet

As is clear, the use of telematics in food delivery services comes with many upsides. If you are looking for a fleet management system for your organisation, iFleet is a good option to consider. A fleet management solution powered by IoT and telematics, iFleet has 3 products: iFleet GPS Tracker, iFleet Wi-Fi and iFleet Video.

The first allows real-time tracking of vehicles, the second provides connectivity on the go for vehicle users, and the third provides live video feeds from vehicles to managers. We recommend that providers have all three products installed in their fleet for the most thorough monitoring and tracking experience.

Using iFleet as your fleet management system also has its upsides: you can benefit from the iFleet Transformation Fund. This fund allows you to get a subsidy of up to RM10,000 per company (20% discount per vehicle) to install iFleet products, while also enabling drivers to participate in driver training and iFleet’s driver rewards program. ‍

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